Big Agnes Trash Can 2L
Big Agnes Trash Can 2L Back
Big Agnes Trash Can 2L
Big Agnes Trash Can 2L Back

Trash Can

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Packable, durable Trash Can for outdoor adventures.

Trash Can Size
  • 2L
  • 7L
  • 18L
  • 50L


Like many of Big Agnes best ideas, the Trash Can was born on the trail. With trail litter stuffed in his jacket pockets and camp trash crammed into his pack, Big Agnes founder Bill Gamber dreamt up a simple product that hikers and backpackers could use to remove trash from public lands. Available in various sizes, packing out camp waste and trail litter is simple with the Trash Can, and a portion of sales support the Leave No Trace™ Center for Outdoor Ethics, to help support trail stewardship in the outdoor community. Thank you for helping clean up our public lands!


  • Durable and lightweight construction stuff sack with external attachments, designed to store trash on the outside of your pack
  • Recycled ripstop shell fabric stuff sack with secure top for tight closure
  • Nylon liner provides double-wall protection for messy trash and easy cleaning
  • Affix to your pack, vehicle, or anywhere at camp with hook and bungee attachments
  • Available in four sizes for different outdoor applications:
  • 2L: Hip belt sized for easy picking-up of small items along the trail - with loops for easy attachment to nearly any pack
  • 7L: Perfect for hanging on a backpack - tested by Big Agnes employees to hold up to 36 crushed aluminum cans
  • 18L: Backpacking trash can to keep group campsite tidy and pack it out - with four bungee attachment points for secure mounting in various positions
  • 50L: Oversized for large groups and car camping - featuring stiffeners to maintain open shape for easy disposal of trash and external buckled strap for attachment
  • Keep trails clean and support a great cause - a portion of sales support the Leave No Trace™ Center for Outdoor Ethics


  • Shell: recycled, GRS certified high tenacity nylon Mipan® regen robic with solution dyed ripstop grid.
  • Tough, lightweight fabric with 1500mm Ultra Tear Strength (UTS) coating.
  • Lining: nylon taffeta



7L 18L 50L
Trail Weight: 2oz
Dimensions: 3" x 5" x 8"
7 x 13 x 20cm
5.5" x 5.5" x 15.5"
14 x 14 x 39cm
7" x 10" x 17.5"
18 x 25 x 44cm
14" x 14" x 29.5"
36 x 36 x 75cm


For light cleaning, sponge the product with warm water (not hot).
For more thorough cleaning you will need:

  • Wash basin (or bath tub)-Warm water (not hot) Waterproof Gear Cleaner (we recommend products like Nikwax Tech Wash)
  • Sponge
  1. Submerge your Trash Can in warm, clean water. Gently agitate with hands. Empty dirty water. Repeat until most of the excess dirt/grime is removed and water is mostly clear.
  2. Apply waterproof gear specific wash and gently work into fabric with sponge.
  3. Rinse Trash Can thoroughly.
  4. Hang it up to dry.
  5. Triple check that your Trash Can is completely dry before storage or use.


  • Do not dry clean or machine-wash. Detergents and dry cleaning solvents will damage the fabric and ruin waterproofing.
  • Never use hot water, bleach, liquid detergents, or dishwashing liquids.
  • Allow to dry COMPLETELY before storage or use.
  • Avoid prolonged direct sunlight as UV exposure can compromise waterproofing.

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