Generally, sports jackets are somehow easier to choose. Their function and material are in the first place. Design, which has limited possibilities in terms of functionality, doesn’t play a major role. When it comes to lifestyle winter jackets, in urban everyday life design becomes much more significant. Although you don't have to pay so much awareness to weight and compression, the jacket still needs to protect you from the hardships of cold weather and withstand harsh winter.

Finding a balanced combination of your preferred attributes that meet in one specific jacket can be a challenge. That's why Patagonia created its Life Outdoors line which offers a wide assortment of winter jackets in both women's and men's designs. So, how to pick the right one to fulfil your needs?


In the previous article we listed sports and outdoor winter jackets from Patagonia’s Alpine product line. They are primarily designed for athletes and people who love outdoor activities in winter and cold weather, with no exceptions. For their more detailed classification and better user orientation, Patagonia uses the temperature index value ranging from 1 to 10. The same is true for their more universal Life Outdoors winter models.

Temperature index of the jacket

To make your choice easier, Patagonia uses the so-called temperature index. It can help you find your way around jackets immediately. On a scale from 1 to 10 the higher the number, the warmer the jacket. The temperature rating is determined in the test laboratory under constant conditions, so it is possible to compare the jackets. Of course, the feeling of warmth is relative and depends not only on weather conditions but also on your subjective resistance to cold and the layers you wear. Nevertheless, the defined temperature index is a great way to categorize jackets, which gives you an idea of their function and leads you to the best choice.

Isthmus Parka

Temperature index

A waterproof men's winter jacket comes with a retro touch of the 60s style. The shell is made of robust 4-layer NetPlus™ recycled nylon fabric; soft fleece lining made of recycled polyester ensures pleasant warmth, and sleeves are insulated with Thermogreen®.

Jackson Glacier Jacket

Temperature index

With sophisticated wind, rain and snow protection and 700 cuin 100% recycled duck and goose down filling, the men's Jackson Glacier Jacket is an excellent all-round choice for most winter conditions. The thigh length and the close-fitting cut will help you stay warm.

Jackson Glacier Parka

Women's temperature index
Men's Temperature index

Another level up! The Jackson Glacier Parka is a sophisticated down-thigh-long parka perfect for most winter conditions. The 2-layer shell is made of recycled polyester with a permanent water-repellent finish. The pattern keeps recycled duck and goose down with a 700-fill-power evenly distributed and guarantees constant warmth. A fitted cut prevents heat loss, so you can feel comfortable, even if it's freezing outside.

Down With It Parka

Temperature index

With more demanding winter conditions, we reach out for more robust protection. This warm winter jacket with a long cut is a perfect choice. Although it looks massive, it still keeps its style. The trendy stitching pattern shapes the silhouette, and the jacket fits almost everyone. In addition, it reliably keeps the 600–fill power exactly where it is needed. Water-repellent treatment of the outer polyester layer is a matter of course.

Lone Mountain Parka

Temperature index

Easy-wearing Lone Mountain Parka might have the look and feel of a soft cotton jacket, but in reality, it’s a technically-tuned, insulated shelter from cold, wet conditions. It provides absolute warmth for all winter conditions and prolonged outdoor exposure.

Silent Down (Long) Parka

Women's temperature index
Men's Temperature index

If you are cold-blooded or often exposed to static activity in freezing conditions, or you just need a proper winter jacket to forget about cold forever, this parka is made for you. Imagine being snuggled up in the most comfortable down sleeping bag - the feeling in this parka is very similar. The softest parka Patagonia ever made with a length below the knees, 700-fill-power down, and water-repellent finish will become your guardian angel.


Comfort is what all winter jackets from the Patagonia Life Outdoors have in common. You can feel cozy if the winter jacket keeps you warm and dry if it fits, does not restrict your movement, and has an appealing style. Patagonia Life Outdoors line retains all of these even after years of usage.

Oliver Vysloužil

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