Wilderoben is committed to choose brands that are fearless game changers and environmental heros. Our brands are run by activists and outdoor enthusiasts who want to inspire to live a better life outside.


The most recognized outwear company is equally a brand and a fearless activist.

We love Patagonia. So we are excited to become a part its family as the official drop off place for your Patagonia clothes to repurpose or recycle. Their founding father, Yvon Chouinard, who is also a surfer, mountain climber, fisherman and environmentalist (and a surprising humble guy), urges us to buy only clothes we really need and wear them as long as we can. Patagonia is also leading the research for new, sustainable and high performance active gear that lasts for life. And when your favourite gear does tear eventually, Patagonia’s Worn Wear program will fix it. They support the 1% for the Planet program that gives a cut of their annual profit to grass root groups, engage in environmental campaigns and actively fight for saving national parks and reserves.


Indestructible thermos that fits every adventure and has a silver lining - lifetime guarantee.

When inventor William Stanley Jr. fused vacuum insulation and the strength of steel in one portable bottle, he had no idea that he forever changed the way we consume hot drinks on the go. In 1913, he invented the thermos bottle that we fill with coffee or tea and bring with us to work or road trips ever since. In 2006 Stanley introduced eCycle® (a mix of recycled plastics containing 25% of post consumer recycled material) being the first company using recycled plastics to make food-safe and reusable bottles and containers.


Looking For Wild is a modern French brand of contemporary technical climbing apparel.

Going for one big goal for the best result – that is the philosophy in the LFW team. This young innovative company based in Lyon, France, focused primarily on one type of product in order to make it as good as possible. Since 2006 LFW sew climbing pants that are highly technical and sophisticated in each detail, but comfy and trendy enough for you to wear in your everyday life. The pants are tested heavily in the mountains all around the world by high-level climbers, so their evolution is still in progress. As outdoor lovers, LFW does its best to reduce the carbon footprint by choosing ecological suppliers and local industrial facilities. And what we especially like about LWF, is their sewing program. Torn pants get repaired, so you can enjoy their 5-star comfort for as long as possible. That is why we have partnered these wild French guys.


A brand that brings you indestructible and stylish eyewear with materials from the future.

Ovan’s sunglasses and snow goggles use the latest OV6 nylon lens that was originally developed for military and space exploration. We are pretty sure it’s the most innovative technology on the market available for everyone, not just astronauts. Ovan offers collections of handcrafted frames from wood or eco-friendly acetate. The state of the art lens is scratch and dirt resistant, biodegradable and helps fight eye fatigue. Treat your eyes with the best option on the market.


With every purchase from the Wood Collection, Proof supports Health and Vision projects throughout the world.

Another brand that connects business with humanitarian aid. With your help, Proof eyewear regularly hosts health screening clinics in underprivileged countries, sponsors eye surgeries and provides glasses to those in need. Proof is particular about sustainably sourced materials for their frames - the wood collection uses zebra wood, lacewood, ebony, mahogany, walnut bamboo, and stained bamboo and the Eco (Environmentally Conscious Optics) collection is hand layered from a cotton-based acetate.


For every product sold, they remove one pound of trash from world's oceans and waterways during cleanups.

United by Blue is built around ocean conservation. The amount of plastic waste in our oceans and waterways is mind-boggling: 8 million tons of plastic enter oceans each year. These guys are certainly not afraid to get their hands dirty while saving our planet. They stopped simply writing checks and started organizing and hosting regular beach and river cleanups. United by Blue is also a certified B Corp organisation.


Big Agnes – a small company of big outdoor enthusiasts.

With mountains just minutes from their office, the Big Agnes team tests their gear right there. For them, nights spent sleeping on the ground, gazing at stars and listening to crickets are one of life's best pleasures. They want to inspire you to find the same appreciation for camping and backcountry they have. Tents, sleeping bags & accessories are designed with a focus on maximizing comfort with the least weight possible, easy setup, and maximum durability. Big Agnes is committed – they partner with organizations that are looking at the bigger picture in conservation, sustainability, and equality locally and globally. Many of their products are constructed using recycled fabrics, fills, and hardware and/or environmentally sensitive manufacturing practices.


Danner is the iconic American hiking boot maker.

Providing campers, hikers and urban explorers with a durable and comfortable outdoor shoe since 1932. In 1979, they were the first company that made hiking boots with Gore-tex membrane, making it waterproof and fit for long hikes in any weather. Danner has recently redesigned our favourite models, reintroducing the new and better versions of the Jag boot and Danner Light. For anyone who knows the pains of breaking in a new boot or sore feet after a 30 km long hike, this is a boot that will change the game.


Backpacks, bags, and apparel for anywhere on your map.

Topo Design is rooted in mountain culture and outdoor living, but loves exploring cities and world travel. The company follows the philosophy of living a simpler life by creating a timeless apparel collection. How to simplify your wardrobe? Own fewer things that can be combined in endless ways and perform well in many different conditions. They also offer lifetime guarantee and repairs program that breathes in new life into worn out products, reducing the number of pieces that are discarded and fill up landfills.


Prana creates versatile and stylish active clothing that is build around the philosophy of sustainability.

There are good ways and bad ways to do business and Prana puts a lot of effort into every choice along the line from materials they use (recycled poly, organic cotton or hemp), energy efficiency, fair-trade factories to packaging decisions, actively fighting the model of fast fashion. On top of that, they create beautiful collections full of colors and whimsical patterns that you will fall in love with. They frequently team up with local and international charities, organise beach cleanups and run a program called Outdoor Outreach that transforms lives of underserved children and brings them to nature.

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