We believe that products designed to enjoy the outdoors should also be kind to our planet.

Our goal is to provide nature lovers with quality sports equipment from brands that do business in harmony with the environment, not at its expense. Admiring nature obliges us to respect it. In cooperation with the WOLF Forest Protection Movement, we support the protection of natural forests and strive to expand Slovakia’s nature reserves. You can find more information about our cooperation at 1% For our Forests.



Social and environmental matters related to the business are as important to our company as profit. We have chosen to anchor this approach in our company constitution.


Wilderoben was founded with the aim of doing business in harmony with nature. Read about our way of creating a positive impact on the environment while minimizing the ecological burden on ecosystems.

By carefully choosing products that comply with our mission, we want you to spend less time online and more time outside.

We partner with brands that are:

Developing the best products

From technologies for harshest conditions and gear you can rely on for years, we spread the philosophy of buying less and using more.

Transparent and respect human rights

Their products are produced under safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions.

Reduce their environmental footprint

They work hard to minimize their pollution while making goods - from using recycled and organic materials to environmentally friendly shipping options.

Environmentally and socially responsible

They take responsibility for the impact of their activities on customers, employees, communities and the environment.

Provide outstanding customer service

We prefer companies that make high quality products and offer lifetime warranty and repair services.

Collaborative and community driven

They are aligned with our vision and build international community of responsible consumers.

Set a positive example

We strongly believe that each person’s actions can make a real difference in the health of our environment.

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