For every product sold, Wilderoben gives 1 % of its value to forest protection movement WOLF

We started the partnership with the VLK Forest Protection Movement because we believe it's necessary to preserve our natural forests and keep fighting to extend protected areas and reservations in Slovakia. As we want to partake actively, we donate 1% of every product sold and all the profit from special events such as Green Friday or Dobrý trh. So far, we donated a total of 21 976 EUR.


Together with VLK, we aim to turn 10% of all Slovak forests into non-intervention areas. We want these forests to be free of timber harvesting, illegal hunting, toxic chemicals, harvesting of deadwood, mindless forest planting, or motor vehicles. They should be enjoyed by mindful people who can explore them off the beaten track. Therefore, wilderoben employees donate 5% of their working time pro bono for activities aimed at protecting natural forests. The Všetko pre nič petition started by VLK has been signed in our shop, during the election and at events by over 9200 people and counting.


Biodiversity of ecosystems including all living organisms gives stability and strength to forests so that they can withstand any external changes.


Almost 99 % of forested areas in Slovakia have been changed by human activity, leaving less than 1 % for natural forests.


By turning more land into protective Evolution forests® we let nature flourish without the interference of humans.


WOLF is an activist group and forest protection movement that owns the first private natural heritage reserve Vlčia that serves for research, ecotourism, and education. The area of 21 ha is located in the Čergov Mountain Range.Another nature reserve Rysia covers 30 ha in Strážovské vrchy.VLK‘s activity helped the establishment of the third private nature reserve Roháčia in Cerova vrchovina.

Ever since their foundation in 1993, activists and volunteers from WOLF have been fighting for protecting natural forests in Slovakia. They have been working tirelessly on creating a network of Evolution forests® where all the organisms are left to develop without any human interference. They achieved the declaration of new strictly protected areas on an area of 2236 ha and, by purchase or long-term lease, ensured the protection of another 262 ha. They managed to achieve changes in legislation that save dozens of wolves that would otherwise be killed every year, protect bears from trophy hunting, fight excessive logging, detect wood theft or poaching, and regularly organize educational workshops and on-site seminars for the public.



Juraj Lukáč

Chief of WOLF, activist

Forest protection activist. Juraj has a degree in cybernetics. For more than 25 years, he has been fighting for nature protection and raising awareness about the issue of preservation of Europe’s natural forests. Founder of WOLF owns the first private natural reserve Vlčia in Čergov and Rysia in Strážovske mountains. He lives in the small village Osadné close to the Polish - Slovak border and just a stone’s throw away from the natural reservation Udava.

Katarína Grichová

Chief of Clan WOLF Čergov

Katarína studied geography and is active in the forest protection movement WOLF since she was 17 and where she now in the headquarters located in Tulčík. She guides people during seminars in forests called Gaia, files complaints, organises weekly meetings of WOLF supporters in Prešov. She focuses on protection of wolves in Slovakia and coordinates all activities. Her dream is to be able to walk in the forests without discovering another illegal logging activity or meeting a poacher or motor vehicle.  


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