Do you know where life in nature flourishes most? At the border of two ecosystems - where two completely different networks of complex, living relationships meet. We also welcome differences in our team, support inclusion and uphold the principle of equality.

All of our employment opportunities are based on a person's qualifications and ability to perform the essential responsibilities of a particular position without any discrimination based on race, religion, sex, colour, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, political beliefs, genetic information or any other characteristic protected by law.


Legend has it that Silvo founded wilderoben when his shoes fell apart and could not be repaired for the third time in a year. If he's not chasing suppliers over the phone, he's serving you at the counter, fixing a torn jacket with a tape and talking about recycled polyester, or collecting signatures for VLK in the market. Or he's doing it all at once, and Kika even hung little Oscar around his neck.


Kora has everything under her thumb. She takes care of the checks, knows all the product details, gives great choice advice, orders new collections for you, and since she has several four-legged friends at home, she is also an expert in our section dedicated to pets. Be careful! If you bring your dog, she will get ecstatic!


When she's not on maternity leave, Kika takes care of our social and asocial networks, rummages through the stack room to prepare your orders, annoys you here and there with the newsletter, selects photos for campaigns, or looks for mistakes on our site.


She has been with us since the beginning. Having an artistic mind, she knows how to make our shelves radiant with colors so that you like our shop. She is not only a graduated expert on fabrics but an expert on everything we sell. If you can’t see her around, she is likely testing our products on her deep forest wanders.


Her stern look will pierce the holes on your jacket you brought to repair, and then you can't even find them anymore. We found Róza in her little workshop in our neighborhood, and when she had to close it, we've moved her to our store. Now she can patch your wild hearts at the Duck Tapes event every other Thursday.

Wilderoben Store Interior


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