Despite the challenges, we've managed to raise over €22,000 for LZ VLK and collect thousands of petition signatures to protect our wilderness. Together with Rose, we've repaired hundreds of your favorite items, and thanks to our buyback program, a significant amount of children's clothing has found a second home. Last year, we became the first certified B-Corp company in Slovakia. This has made us a part of the global community that utilizes business for charity.

Wilderoben has become the first Slovak company with B-Corp certification.

We are part of the community using business as a force for good.

Since June 2022

signatures for wilderness

This is how many we have managed to collect during our events, markets, and elections. The petition prepared by Wolf Forest Protection Movement aims to turn 10% of Slovak forests into non-intervention areas. More info here

EUR for Wolf

This is the amount we donated to Wolf Forest Protection Movement in the past three years. We collected it during Green Fridays, Good Markets and mainly through 1% of our annual turnover. Wolf uses the money to support the project Všetko pre nič.

repairs made

This is how many times we turned our sewing machine on, put patches, repaired a zip, or visited our shoemaker each month during Duck Tapes. Fixed clothes are better than new ones! Duck Tapes events will carry on, and you can come every second Thursday on the month to see for yourself.

kid's clothes bought back

Although kids know how to beat the best out of life warranty, their clothes can still work for someone else later. That is why we buy kids' garments back for 35% of the original price and sell them again without profit.


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