Michal Vavro

Michal is a fly fisher, traveller, conservationist and wildlife lover. He grew up in a fishing family, and his fate was sealed when he first held a fly fishing rod in his hands at the age of 14.

Michal learned to catch fish as a young boy from a fishing family. The tradition began with his grandfather, continued with Michal's father, uncle and brother and eventually, Michal joined as well. It's hard not to do the hobby everyone in your family is devoted to. Michal started fly fishing in the heart of Slovakia, Liptov. The possibilities in the region are endless. You can choose from rivers and reservoirs, lakes or wild streams. Even today, his favourite places on Earth are the crystal clear Bela River, the wild Vah River or Liptovska Mara Lake. These sites hold a special place in his heart.

My favourite piece of clothing:

Patagonia Micro Puff Jacket

Top destinations:

  • Slovakia (Liptov)
  • Iceland
  • New Zealand

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